What Does a Life Coach Do?


You may be wondering “Why would I need a Life Coach?” hard climb


Sometimes people struggle with what life throws at them.  Their stress becomes such a burden and may feel they do not know which way to turn.  That is when a Life Coach would be of help to you.  The coach listens to your problems.


A Certified Life Coach can help you with:

  • relationship problems

  • employment decisions

  • gain insight into your life

  • Substance Abuse problems

  • realizing your goals

  • reaching your goals

  • reaching your full potential

  • life problems

  • Spirituality


You may now be wondering “Why should I hire you?”

Here are some of my qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Master of Science in Forensic Psychology

  • Substance Abuse Counselor for approximately three years.

  • Mental Illness Therapist.

  • I enjoy helping people

  • I am sure I will be able to help you

  • I listen

  • I understand

  • I empathize

  • Life Experience


If a Life Coach seems to be what you need, fill out the service contact form to let me know how I can help you. Sessions are available by Skype, face to face, email or phone.